Many people are unaware of just how expensive it can be to fund a high school football team. Here is some of the typical equipment that is used in high school football.

Not only are football helmets expensive, but they must be made in a variety of sizes. Due to the fact that everyone’s head is not the same shape or size, some helmets have to be custom-made. After each season, the helmets are required to be inspected for any defects.

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There are several possible ways to score points in the game of football. Extra points are the lowest means of scoring, and they are worth one point. A safety, these are rarely scored, is worth two points. Field goals are worth three points. The touchdown results in the highest scoring play, and it is worth six points. There are several ways to score a touchdown.

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High school football in the state of Tennessee has roots that are incredibly old. The sports has been around for more than a century, and young people in the state have been playing football in some form for almost that long. The University of Tennessee has always been the bell cow in the state, and because that program has been so strong, high schoolers have almost always wanted to emulate what they have seen on Saturdays. Still, organized high school football has a history that is much more recent, Read the rest of this entry »

Kids who want to play high school football in the state of Tennessee will ultimately have to choose a position. There are many positions on the field, with some of them being on offense and others on defense. On offense, a player might choose to be a quarterback, a wide receiver, or a running back. If the player is a little bit bigger and stronger, then he might choose to be an offensive lineman. If the player is a hybrid who can catch the ball and do some blocking, then he might choose to be a tight end. Read the rest of this entry »

Tennessee high school football rules and regulations are similar to high schools in other states. Some differences may be noticeable when playoff regulations are compared side-by-side, but regular season games are played the same way, regardless of state.

Regulation Playing Time

Regulation playing time for Tennessee high school football games is broken down into four 12 minute quarters. Between each quarter, each team is required to take a short break that usually lasts a couple of minutes.

After two quarters have been played, both teams take a fifteen minute break, known as halftime.

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The state of Tennessee is heavy on the football. When you go to Knoxville every Saturday, you will see a stadium full of screaming people. All of them are in orange, and they are supporting the Volunteers. Before players get to Knoxville, though, they usually make their name on the fields of Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis high schools. High school football has always been a big deal in the state, and lately, it has become an even bigger sport. Recruiting has become a much bigger game, and most students are finding out that football can provide them Read the rest of this entry »